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Remote Control

Posted: 2 months ago

Carmen Caliente just got home from school and has been waiting all day to watch her favorite show. She knows she will have to hurry if she wants to watch it before her hot mommy Holly Heart gets to  the tv. They are always fighting over the remote. Carmen makes a mad dash to the living room but her mom is coming in hot and is side by side with her in a race to the tv. Carmen quickly snatches the remote and turns it on to find.. her mother had been watching porn! Carmen is shocked by what she see’s but her mother tries to explain. Carmen is slightly turned on by the tv though..she has always wanted big titties just like her mom. Holly has always been very open with her daughter and shows her, her huge yummy titties. Carmen is turned on and drooling on the inside.. even though she knows she shouldn’t be turned on, NO not by her mother!