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Taking It All In – S15:E7


Hazel Grace is painting her toenails, but her beau, Andreas, is impatient to do something a little more hardcore. Watching Hazel in action has really gotten him hot, so he gets up from the chair and takes action. Taking a seat beside Hazel, Andreas caresses and kisses her feet, then moves higher to indulge in the roundness of her soft breasts.Hazel doesn’t stop Andreas as he peels her shirt off to let those lovely boobs out for his enjoyment. He slides her shorts aside to reveal Hazel’s pussy, which is already oh so wet and ready. Urging Hazel to her feet, Andreas slides her shorts down past her lovely bubble butt, then palms those ass cheeks just like he’s been daydreaming about doing. While he’s in the neighborhood, of course he gives Hazel’s twat a few more caresses.By the time Hazel gets on her knees on the couch and springs Andreas’s cock free, he’s rock hard. She can’t get enough of sucking him right down! Her blowjob is spurred to even hotter heights as Andreas fists her hair in one hand and reaches behind her to fondle her pussy in the other.Hazel is the one to take things a step further when she rises from her BJ and then straddles Andreas’s hips. Sinking down, she takes him into her greedy fuck hole inch by inch. When she’s finally full of the D, Hazel leans forward and begins bouncing away for a full on stiffie ride. Turning around, she really kicks things up a notch in reverse cowgirl.When Hazel falls backwards onto the couch, Andreas makes himself at home between her thighs. Before sliding back home, Andreas offers Hazel his thumb to suck. That small gesture just gets Hazel even wetter for Andreas to shove back inside and give it to her with shallow thrusts that hit her g-spot on every push.Andreas gets Hazel onto her side next, then curls up behind her. He slides back in from behind, giving them both the deep delight of spooning sex. The position lets Andreas easily palm Hazel’s tender big tittes and firm ass, giving her a multi-tiered pleasure that leaves her completely satisfied. When Andreas is ready to cum, Hazel turns partly onto her back so that he can guide his pop all over her twat. Pleased, Hazel rubs the salty treat into the skin of her feet.

Date: September 23, 2023
Actor: Andreas / Hazel Grace